You won’t believe how much these attorneys earn monthly nowadays!

Every good attorney thrives on seeing the law take its full course and ensuring that justice is served for their clients.

How Much Do Lawyers Make a Year? - Lawyer Salary


You may think this is a boring job, but have you cared to find out how much lawyers earn or get paid? 

An attorney or lawyer provides several important services to individuals, families, businesses, organizations, states, and the society at large. This makes the profession indispensable and ultimately profitable. Attorneys give legal advice and draw up legal documents like wills, contracts, divorce, etc. They also research, gather evidence, and do many other things aside from a regular court trial.

As a matter of fact, this profession is so broad that lawyers have to choose their specialization. In these different fields, some are more high-earning than others, but ultimately, every experienced lawyer can become a millionaire. 

How Do Attorneys Make So much Money?

In the law profession, the more years of experience and practice you have can depict how good you are at your job. If you also have a good track record of successful cases, settlements, and wins, that is super good for your portfolio and speaks that you are an asset to any client.

From years of success and experience, Lawyers can begin to charge way more than they did initially, i.e., at the entry level. Some attorneys can handle a case so intelligently and win against all possible odds. Such occurrences can drive public attention and make a lawyer popular. For example, the richest lawyer alive, Wichai Thongtang, worths almost $2 billion, and the beginning of this popular status that gained him many relevant clients started when he successfully represented a client in an asset concealment case.

Expert attorneys who are experienced and can boast of good works charge as high as $1000-$5000 per hour. Also, most attorneys work between 50-80 hours per week, and with this charging rate, you can see that an attorney can earn as much as $50,000 weekly. With such earnings, you can have enough to spend, save, invest, give and hopefully walk your way to financial freedom.

After doing our research, we are no longer surprised why dozens of attorneys make it to the Forbes list. 

What Attorneys Get Paid The Most?

As mentioned earlier, not all attorneys are the same. There are different types of lawyers, and this is because they specialize in diverse fields. A couple of factors affect how much or how well a lawyer can get paid, and the field of law an attorney practices and the location they are in tops the list.

 Some lawyers are divorce lawyers, others are personal injury lawyers, corporate lawyers, intellectual property lawyers, and there are also lawyers all over the country with different economic states.

Amidst all these varying specialties, Patent attorneys are recorded to be the highest-earning with over $180,000 as salary. This is followed immediately by Intellectual property attorneys, Trial attorneys, Tax attorneys, and Corporate attorneys who earn salaries between $115,000 and $165,000.

Checking out the numbers by location has also shown that some states pay their attorneys more than others do. California tops the list of highest paying states with an average salary of over $170,000, and New York comes in next with a salary of over $167,000.

Massachusetts is the third on the list with a salary of over $165,000, and over the last five years, it has witnessed the third-largest increase in its average lawyer salary. From the charts, this state seems to have a lot more in store for its attorneys.

Attorneys are essential as their job saves lives, careers, businesses, and more every day. It is not only a noble profession but a highly lucrative one. If you ever thought of wearing the robe, the best time is now.

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